Corporate Information

Corporate Information

This is a collection of small luxury boutique hotels worldwide, presenting each property in the most favorable way. Boutique hotels that are relatively small (2-30 rooms), independent and with a personal look & feel. A menu selection that makes it easier to find what you are looking for ; Hotels, Resorts, Retreats, Villas, Lodges, Resorts, Apartments and Bed & Breakfast.

Bookings are made directly by making use of the Contact this Hotel option. Rates mentioned as Indicative Rates and are subject to change without prior notice, whereas others are on request. 

Nearly all selected properties are visited by our team or by friends & family. The reason why we created this guide is to promote small boutique hotels, to create more awareness in a market full of large hotel chains and to allow travelers to enjoy & book their stay directly with the owners.

Hip Boutique Hotels is the trading name of Hipboutiquehotels, a Dutch company registered in Almere, the Netherlands.

Why stay in a boutique hotel?

  • A boutique hotel can surprise & delight you with winsome touches.

  • It has an independent attitude and reminds you of where you are.

  • They are relatively small and have that characteristic personal feeling.

  • They are full of spirit and express their personalities in room details & guest programs.

  • Their design is modern, often cutting edge.

  • A boutique hotel strives to be one-of-a-kind.

What is Boutique or why a boutique hotel over a branded facility?

Boutique hotels can be referred to as Lifestyle hotels that offer a level of intimacy in an increasingly impersonal world. For many travelers, it's the element of surprise, in a positive manner which helps you choose your destination and boutique hotel.

Our properties have rooms up to 20 with a maximum to 30 rooms that can sometimes operate as part of a brand but more often are known for independent ownership.

The big difference between our boutique hotels and other lodgings is their personal touch, they are small privately owned, design hotels that offer so much more comfort & service and are situated in the right destination and location.

Our team..

Meet our team, a great group who love to travel and visit these few locations in the world that offer a truly unique experience. After many years of experience in the hotel business with large hotel chains, we now love to focus on small and independent boutique hotels. Boutique or Lifestyle hotels that caught our interest as they are relatively small and have time for you from the moment you check in throughout your stay... 

Nadia del Prado - Social Media & Support

Hipboutiquehotels - Boutique Hotels
Nadia has finished her studies and has a degree in Photography and Fashion & Design and has recently joined our team. She creates new ideas and likes exploring new opportunities from which Hipboutiquehotels can benefit. She is thrilled to serve as our Photographer and Social Media & Support Manager and has also fallen in love with Small Boutique Hotels.

Karen Goes - Office Support & Administration

Hipboutiquehotels - Boutique Hotels
Karen loves travelling, she has explored many countries like Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, the US, Australia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. She is determined to visit many more beautiful destinations and hotels in the future. Karen has many years of management experience and together with her devotion for travel she will support our office as Office Manager.

Charlotte del Prado - Sales & Marketing

Hipboutiquehotels - Boutique Hotels
After following the school for Hotel Management and running her own business (ITSC) as a GSA for Marriott International for 17 years, Charlotte followed her heart and decided to look for small, individual, boutique hotels around the world. She has lived in many countries like, Australia, India, Hong Kong, the US and the Netherlands and fell in love with the many different and beautiful cultures. Beside running Hipboutiquehotels she also has an Ayurvedic spa with natural oils and body products.

Alieska Manintveld - Asia Pacific Agent & Support

Hipboutiquehotels - Boutique Hotels
Alieska lives in Australia and has her own dutch school. She is very creative and in her spare time is a painter. Due to her creative background she has a way of finding the most unique art/deco boutique hotels. By traveling around the world when she was young made her an experienced traveler, she settled in Australia & Fiji and visits the most beautiful design hotels in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Sylvian Nijhuis - Sales Africa & Asia

Sylvian Nijhuis Hipboutiquehotels
Sylvian had his own B&B in Amsterdam for many years and is now owner of a boardroom in a luxurious & modern private villa between several estates in the centre of Holland. He is also a keen traveller specialized in Tanzania, so in 2012 he took the initiative to set up a foundation (Support School Fees foundation) for less priviledged children in Africa. We are happy to have him join our team as Sales Manager for African & Asian properties.