Press Release

The 25, a multi-award winning boutique B&B in Torquay, Devon celebrated being open two years with the launch of a specially commissioned video in front of the heads of local tourism associations, restaurants, attractions and media last night.

Owners, Andy & Julian Banner-Price also exclusively announced yet more awards in the pipeline as they are finalists in South Devon’s Business Awards in the Leisure & Tourism category, and also the national AA award for Unique B&B of the Year. The event featured canapés specially chosen to showcase the local seafood available from nearby Brixham which has the largest seafood catch in monetary terms in the UK. Andy said “It’s important to us to use local suppliers where possible and our B&B guests are treated to many locally sourced and homemade items when they visit us”. Their new video was only just over ninety seconds long but packed a punch in terms of pace.  Julian commented, “We wanted an upbeat, fast moving video to sell the experience of staying at The 25 which can difficult to get across in words and photos alone.  We’re really pleased with the work that Pulse Studios who are based in Bristol and Plymouth produced for us.  We hope that when it is shared on our website and social media it will attract new guests to us and the English Riviera.”

Since opening, The 25 has received many accolades and awards including a recent Travellers’ Choice Award from travel review website TripAdvisor, placing them as 9th Best B&B in the UK out of nearly thirty thousand other B&Bs. When asked, Andy said they put their success down to “always thinking what we would expect if we were paying guests, and using our OCD like tendencies to our advantage.” The winners of their two latest award nominations will be announced by the middle of May. Their new video can be viewed on their website at


Malta is home to some of the world's oldest known Neolithic temples, and later this month, as Winter unfolds into Spring, Heritage Malta is set to organize unique guided tours in celebration of the Spring Equinox at the Mnajdra Temples.Located on the southern coast of our isle and just a 20-minute drive from Locanda La Gelsomina, the Mnajdra Temples are believe to have been constructed around 3600 years BC. During the Spring Equinox (20-21 March) the sun rises in line with the main doorway of the South Temple, passing through the central corridor to the innermost apse.Although there are no written records to indicate the purpose of these temples, recent research indicates that they were primarily a solar year calendar and an astronomical observatory.This is the perfect opportunity to book a suite at Locanda La Gelsomina and use the promotional code 'HIS' when booking direct to benefit from a unique package. Tickets to the Spring Equinox event may be purchased from Heritage Malta.

Easter Getaway with complementary bubbles on arrival

Split level rooms for two - two nights £200 or three nights £270 or four nights £340.

All rates include breakfast.
Kids & dogs welcome - camp beds available £15 per night.
Above offer only from 7-23rd April  
Book at or by phone 01497831752 and quote "easter offer via (insert your website name)" to receive your bubbles and best direct rates.

Little Secret of Ponta dos Ganchos

The movie ‘Little Secret’ reveals the touching story of the Schurmann family.
Chosen to represent Brazil at the Oscars in 2017, in the category Best Foreign Language Film, it is a drama based on a true story. Directed by David Schurmann, one of the children of the Santa Catarina family who became known for sailing around the world, Pequeno Segredo is a narrative about love.

Filmed in Brazil and New Zealand, the story is narrated by Heloísa Schurmann, showing all the ups and downs of a family that has its life completely transformed after the adoption of the small orphan Kat. To give life to this exciting story, the cast is formed by Júlia Lemmertz, as Heloísa Schurmann; Marcello Antony, as Vilfredo Schurmann; and Maria Flor, like Jeanne; the Irish Fionnula Flanagan, as Barbara; and the New Zealander Erroll Shand, as Robert. “Small Secret” also has the debut of Mariana Goulart, in the role of Kat Schurmann.

Watch the trailer

Maya Yoga package

Experience their exclusive Yoga retreats at Maya for either 4 or 6 nights. Take time to switch off and recharge. Energize, rejuvenate and revitalise with full days of complete indulgence in health and well-being activities.

Maya’s supremely peaceful setting is perfect for those who seek calm and serenity. The morning sunrise over infinite paddy fields, the fresh, clean air, lightly scented with frangipani flowers and exotic fruit trees, sets the scene for you to restore and renew.

Breathe deeply and let yourself be guided through energizing yoga sequences. The yoga package is tailor made, to suit each guests' needs and levels of practice. Whether a complete novice or a more seasoned practitioner, this will be a valuable opportunity to learn and experience both dynamic and restorative yoga, pranayama meditation or Tai-chi.

Classes will take place at sunrise and before sunset, to experience the most peaceful times of the day. Yoga will be conducted in the new yoga pavilion situated at the edge of the paddy fields which provides a stunning backdrop for meditation. There will be either 2 or 3 (optional) classes a day, three delicious and nourishing meals, and a relaxing massage for each guest. As well as a health giving treat, the 4 nights package includes 2 excursions to nearby sites and a special Sri Lankan dinner. The 6 nights option includes 4 excursions, a Sri Lankan cooking class, and yoga sessions for 5 days.

Back at Maya, enjoy quiet moments by the pool, watch sunset over the paddy fields, relax in a hammock or simply rest in one of the luxury suites. A stroll to the local village temples is also a wonderful way to soak up the sacred atmosphere. Food is also a highlight at Maya, with all meals cooked fresh, with local ingredients by our reputable chef, and vegetarian options are available.

On top of the daily yoga and cultural excursions, spoil yourself with massage treatments by Maya's highly skilled in-house masseurs: rejuvenating or traditional massages in the luxury of your own room. Using special organically grown tropical herbal oil, to harmonise and balance the senses, this is the time to let yourself go.

Complimentary Inclusions

  • Massages for 2 Guests
  • Sri Lankan Dinner for 2 Guests
  • Trip trip to Uda Walawe   picnic lunch (6 nights option)
  • Sri Lankan Cooking Class (6 nights option)

Please note that this package requires one months' notice prior to booking.

The Mathis Collection

Mathis Collection is a collection of Boutique Hotels and Romantic dining experiences with character in natural, unique and romantic settings : the tropical gardens of Villa Mathis at few minutes from the trendy Seminyak, the amazing unlimited views on the ricefields of Ubud at Mathis Retreat, the breathtaking panoramas between mountains and ocean in Amed at Mathis Lodge. 3 perfect spots to combine and discover Bali, the island of the Gods.

Villa Mathis Umalas

Surrounded by rice paddies and easy access from Kuta or Seminyak, Villa Mathis is nestled in the quiet surroundings of the small rural village of Umalas (Bali, Indonesia). This small Balinese boutique hotel has four villas of 4 or 5 bedrooms, connected by beautiful tropical gardens. An intimate hotel design where the art of hospitality is reflected in every detail.

Villa Mathis, the rooms

The 18 rooms of Hotel Villa Mathis in 4 villas

Immersed in the privileged environment of its lush tropical garden of over 10,000 m2, planted with native and exotic species, bordered by many water points , swimming pools (one per compound – 4 in total) and relaxation areas.

All rooms are different

Animated by the same soft and refined atmosphere. Balinese traditional materials (teak, Alang- Alang roofs , drapes and cushions in batik… ) and modern furnishings adorn the villas that seem genuinely from a decor magazine. The rooms are built in a respect for privacy to enjoy a lovely view without vis- à-vis with the other rooms of the Villa. Some have extensive mezzanine to accommodate up to two children in peace ; others floors offer great views of the surrounding tropical vegetation.

The Art, Soul and Romance of Indonesia

Tugu, in Indonesian language, means 'monument'. Tugu Hotels are small privately owned and designed collection of luxury art hotels born out of one man's love and passion for Indonesia's romantic history. Tugu Hotels' founder, Anhar Setjadibrata, once upon a time a medical student-turned-lawyer, and now the owner of the biggest collection of fine Indonesian art and cultural antiquities in Indonesia, designed these beautiful boutique museum hotels to house his antiques and to share with the world the romantic stories and legends of ancient kingdoms of Indonesia.

The Tugu mission is to bring back to life the art, soul and romance of Indonesia's yesteryears. This fully Indonesian experience is achieved not only through the artful design and themed décor, but also from the various cultural experiences that guests can only have in the hotels. From lavish feasts and banquets of kings from the 14th century Majapahit Kingdom with parades of soldiers, dancers, and offerings, to humble village dinners of Java and Bali with old ladies cooking in terracotta pots, wood-fire, and eating with bare hands. The Tugu Spa treatments include offerings of traditional jamus in the herbal apothecary that don't exist anymore in modern Indonesia, as well as spiritual treatments such as Mantra therapy and other inner healings.

The first Tugu in East Java, Hotel Tugu Malang, received its name for its location facing the central monument in downtown Dutch colonial-era Malang. Now Tugu Hotels & Exotic Spas in Bali, Lombok, Blitar and Malang, all stand as unique monuments of forgotten art, culture and romance of the thousand-years-old Indonesian archipelago.