Boutique Hotels

What really inspires us all is the Element of Surprise that you will find in a small independent boutique hotel. Boutique hotels go for more, they give you something extra, they create a luxurious feeling that you are looking for. Boutique hotels are definitely more personal, the owners are there and know who you are and what you like. So it is not only comfort and convenience, they strive for something extra to make you feel welcome, happy and important. Distinguished travelers like you are important to us, it is our goal to develop a website that guides you through this world of small boutique hotels. This is the reason why we focus on presenting boutique properties that are really special in providing intimacy, warmth and a real luxurious feeling. Each independent boutique hotel has it’s unique combination of these attributes.

Elements of Surprise

  • Small has elements of cozy, warm, bohemian, modern, classic, retro....
  • Luxury the booking process is simple by booking direct with the hotel, the room you're assigned or have chosen is exactly the type of room you want, a room that strikes you as WOW as soon as you walk in and the personalized attention that gives you the feeling that you are known and valued.
  • Lifestyle is a mix of small intimate and modern, affordable and accessible.
  • Contemporary has elements that creates a different stay and where contemporary style meets your expectations.
  • Boutique is a difference in ambiance, feeling, experience, comfort, happiness....
If you mix all elements together.. life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

Environmentally friendly hotels

We are committed to developing a sustainable environment. We are committed to improving the ecological and carbon footprint from activities associated with our hotels.

A stay in a boutique hotel can have a major impact on the community you are visiting, from the environment to the people. So it is good to know that a lot of travelers like you are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and choosing environmentally friendly hotels.

By Going Green we can support the local community of our properties. It's not simple and for hotels more complicated, recycling is not always an option due to not having the facilities, but by innovative solutions there are ways to support these properties. Saving on water is one way eco-conscious hotels are making improvements.

Environmentally friendly in some parts of the world can be complicated but with your help we will be able to help and improve the local communities to a better world.

- If you mix all of the elements together.. Style, Distinction, Warmth and Intimacy... you will find a Collection of Small Lifestyle Hotels around the globe. Properties having different themes, acknowledging guest names by staff, personalized service and creating an atmosphere that attracts all senses.