Pikala Bikes Foundation

Oct 30, 2018

The Pikala Bikes Foundation

Marrakech by bike to give another look, go further, at another pace. The idea came from the Netherlands and bears the name of Pikala Bikes. The concept is twofold … Purely touristic, it is a bike for rent, mountain bike, tandem or cargo bike to visit the city and its surroundings. But Pikala Bikes is also a social foundation. Anchored in the life of Marrakech, it offers some young people the opportunity to train as a guide, bicycle mechanic. She gives courses in road safety, bicycle learning and encourages young people to create their own project around cycling.

Education & environment

Cycling as a medium to educate, raise awareness and put local youth to work … A great initiative. Especially since the approach is also environmental, advocating a mode of smooth travel … A project to repatriate old bikes from the Netherlands to Marrakech has also emerged. Retired in Morocco, bicycles are then used in social projects revolving around cycling. The idea is complete and I would like to create a custom tour to offer Dar Kawa customers. An approach to follow.

For more info go to www.pikalabikes.com

Dar Kawa

Marrakesh, Morocco

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