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Manshausen is a unique hotel comprised of a collection of buildings on an island off the coast of Northern Norway. Set on 55 acres, there are 4 seacabins that have dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows that extend over the water, while the main house accommodates the kitchen, dining area, and library. 

Each of the 4 cabins are placed to maximize the views while providing privacy for the occupants with floor to ceiling walls of glass facing the sea. Three of the four cabins are cantilevered over the stone moorings above the water, while the fourth is set on a rocky ledge at an angle to the coastline. Inside are a double room with main bed ideally positioned to experience the stunning scenery, and a second bedroom which is perfect for kids, or adults.

A restored 18th-century farmhouse was converted into a communal kitchen and dining lounge for guests with an expedition library stocked with books from Borges’ personal collection. There are two relaxing hot tubs, a salt water pool and a private beach along with endless wilderness for adventure. These modern shelters bring out the arctic explorer and chic nomad in all of us!

Situated at the water’s edge overlooking the spectacular scenery of Norway’s Steigen archipelago, this striking collection of Architizer award winning cabins was commissioned by renown Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland in partnership with architect Snorre Stinessen. Inspired to design a unique exploration and adventure resort, Ousland purchased the fifty five acre island of Manshausen in 2010 creating a vacation destination and concept that combines the rugged adventure of the artic and the striking artistry of modern design. Constructed, and assembled on site, the prefabricated structures were designed to limit the impact on the pristine environment and highlight the beauty of the landscape.


Situated in the Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway, the island of Manshausen lies in the middle of the Grøtøy strait between the Lofoten archipelago and mainland Norway. Comprised of fifty five acres, the island and surrounding archipelago are an outdoor adventurers dream with endless winter and summer sports and dramatic unspoiled natural beauty. The former 17th century harbour was a bustling trading post and fishing port and at one time one of the biggest in Norway. The small village of Nordskot is the heart of the islands commercial center with a coastal museum and a shop or two but for more services, shops and cafes you can grab a short boat or car ride to neighboring Leinesfjord or Helnessund.

How to get to Manshausen

By Plane

Nearest Airport is Bodo Regional Airport is a 3.5 hr drive or the ferry from Bodo to Nordskot (1.5 hr.

By Car

  • Nearest car-rental is in Helnessund, where they have 4 cars at Steigen Oljeservice. Should be booked well in advance in High Season.
  •  Contact Steigen Oljeservice at +47 75778670 or by email
  • Most of the normal car rental companies are represented in Bodø.
  • Pre-booking is recommended in high season.

By Ferry

The fast ferry “Hurtigbåten” goes from Bodø to Nordskot every day, it takes 1,5 hours from Bodø to Nordskot. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the airport to the ferry terminal, situated in Bodø centre, close to the largest (white) building in Bodø, the “Havet” hotel.

  • From Bodø: Monday to Thursday, and Saturday the ferry leaves 1715 from the hurtigbåt terminal.
  • From Bodø: Friday it leaves 1800
  • From Bodø: Sunday it leaves 2030.
  • To Bodø: Return from Nordskot to Bodø is every day 0820, except Sundays when it leaves.
To Helnessund there is an extra ferry departure per day and pickup by car or boat in Helnessund can be agreed. Helnessund is also the destination if you have rented a car at Steigen Oljeservice. From there it is about 50 minutes ( 45 km ) drive to Nordskot.


Manshausen Island, 8283 Leinesfjord

8283 Leinesfjord


There are lots of exciting things to do on Manshausen and in the surrounding area. Catch crabs, fish, climb trees, swim. The dam is ready, and soon they will have a small football field ready. Since Manshausen is situated in the middle of the Grøtøy strait, there is very good fishing from the island itself. The sort one can get from Manshausen is cod, pollock, mackerel, halibut and seatrout.

On the north side of Manshausen they have a private beach with lovely white sand. There are also many beautiful sandy beaches on other islands in the immediate vicinity. The special white sand that Steigen is so famous for, comes from the deep coral reefs in the West Fjord, which over thousands of years have washed up on land. Since Manshausen is surrounded by water on all sides, with quite strong tidal currents, they recommend that you bring your own life jacket for your children. Children playing near water should always be supervised by adults.

Hot tub and the dam

The dam is filled with saltwater that is pumped in so its always fresh. Next to the dam they have a hut-tub for 12-14 people, and with stairs down into the dam you can easily cool off when needed.


Breakfast is served daily in the main house. Optional guided adventure touring services including: sailing on the trimaran “Northern Passage” used by Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson to sail round the Arctic, diving, kayaking, cooking courses, yoga instruction, fishing, trekking and climbing. Wifi in the main house.


  • 3 G wireless router is installed in the Mainhouse

Conference room

Expedition loft

This building was completed in 2015. On the first floor they have their own conference room, with projector and sound, designed for up to 30 people. Upstairs, with a separate entrance, they have 6 sleeping alcoves, bathroom and a separate kitchen. They handle a lot of equipment on Manshausen, and this building is also used for storage.

  • Rental of conference room, with projector and sound, for private/company groups is NOK 1800 a day.
  • Tea and coffee included.
Since Manshausen is a small place for groups they often offer the chance to block the whole Island. In this case they charge a minimum of 12 guests, 19.200 Nok per night, even if less than 12.

Hiking trips

The surrounding area, both on land and on the bigger islands nearby offers great hikes for all levels and difficulties. Trips range from easy strolls on the islands Måløya and Grøtøya to spectacular and breath-taking traverses. All within the immediate vicinity of Manshausen.

Rock climbing

The cliffs at Nordskot consist of red granite and offers superb rock climbing. Typical heights on the vertical walls are 20-30 metres. You can also choose between all difficulties, from overhang to gentler grades.


The cave at Nordskot is about half an hour stroll away. It is called Resshola, (the troll cave). There is a path going up to the cave but it is rough so you need good boots, headlamps can be borrowed from them. The cave is about 140 metres deep.

Skiing & Sailing

Manshausen is an ideal base for a spring ski trip by boat. Several peaks are only accessible this way.
Boat rentals
  • Rent of boats (5,85 m Kaasbøll aluminium boats with 75 HK outboard engine) is NOK 1500 per day.
  • Week rental is NOK 5574
  • Insurance is NOK 200 per day.
  • Insurance for one week is NOK 500
  • Self risk in case of damage to boat/engine/propeller/equipment etc is NOK 10.000
  • Fuel is in addition and will be charged based on use.
  • Life jackets are included.
  • They recommend pre-booking since boats might be rented out to others.


Fish has always been a part of the Manshausen story. There are several good spots nearby and the catch varies from place to place and time of year. Halibut is one of the favourites, and during springtime migrating cod comes down from the Barents Sea to spawn in the West Fjord. Pollock and mackerel are also common species in this area.
Fishing equipment
  • Fishing reel, rod and bait, suitable for boat fishing is NOK 150 per day.
  • Insulated floating suits on demand.


Possibilities for diving are many, especially snorkelling, since the locations are protected and the water is relatively shallow and accessible with just mask and snorkel. The water is quite clear most of the year, and clearest during winter and springtime. They have equipment for rent if you want to go snorkelling. If you want to go scuba diving you need to bring your own personal diving equipment (and certificate), but they have a diving compressor, diving led and bottles for rent.
Diving equipment
  • Rental of diving bottles, 200 bar (full bottle), NOK 350 per day.
  • Rental of 10-14 kg led for diving NOK 150 per day.
  • Air filling, approved bottles only, NOK 200.
  • Snorkelling equipment, drysuit, mask and snorkel, neoprene hood, gloves and socks, NOK 400 per day (these suits can also be used for paddling).
  • Only mask, snorkel, neoprene hood, gloves and socks, NOK 200 per day.
  • Pre booking or rent on site.


On request they can offer professional guiding for trekking tours as well as for climbing, kayaking or most activities. Groups or individual.
  • Rental of double kayaks, included oar and vest is NOK 550 per day.
  • Rental of single kayaks included oar and vest is NOK 380 per day.
  • Rental of dry suits are NOK 200 per day.
  • Pre booking or rent on site.
Snowshoes-trekking poles
  • Rental of snowshoes and poles NOK 150 per day.
  • Poles only, NOK 75 per day.
  • Pre booking or rent on site.
  • Rental of bicycle NOK 200 per day.
  • Pre booking or rent on site.
Charter/transport with skipper
  • Fishing trip with fishing boat, up to 12 persons, half day NOK 4500 full day NOK 8500.
  • Boat/fishing/local transport with skipper in their 19 feet boats is NOK 1000 per hour, engine running. Included is skipper, boat, and insurance, fuel. Max 6 persons.
  • Ribcharter for up to 12 persons – available on request.
  • Pre booking at least 24 hours in advance.



4 unique situated seacabins along the old stone jetty.

Rates from : NOK 3,700
room per night (excl. tax)

Rate Information

  • Rates mentioned are per person per day.
  • Rates mentioned are in Norwegian Krone NOK.
  • Breakfast in the main house is included.
  • Bedding and cleaning is included.

Seacabins rates

  • Price in guest bedroom (140 and 90 cm beds) per day per person is NOK 700.
  • Children under 16 in guest bedroom NOK 350 per day.
  • Price for single occupancy in the main bedroom is NOK 2950 per day ( low season) and NOK 3600 (high season).

Extra Information

  • All huts are equipped with bathroom, shower and a small kitchen.

The Mainhouse

  • The Mainhouse is free to use for all guest. (Parts of the main house can some times be occupied for groups and seminars)
  • Breakfast is served on the 1rst floor.
  • Library is in the loft, 2nd floor.
  • Rental of kitchen for private/company groups NOK 2000.

Guest harbor

  • Concrete floating dock with 2,5 m depth at harbor.
  • Price per night: Under 40 ft 300 Nok, 40-50 ft 450 Nok, over 60 ft 600 Nok.
  • Includes water and power.

Booking Policy

  • To guarantee the booking a 25% deposit of the total booked amount is required at the time the booking is made.
  • The remaining amount must be paid 10 days prior to arrival date.
  • Payments can be done through invoice, by credit card or with Paypal.
  • Extras at the Island can be paid by credit card, but not the accommodation invoice.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 15 days prior to arrival date, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 14-7 days prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 10% of the total booked amount.
  • If you cancel less than 7 days prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the total booked amount.
  • If you cancel 1 day prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the total booked amount.
  • A no show is a fee of 100% of the total booked amount.

Cancellation Policy for Groups

  • If you cancel 60 days prior to arrival date, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel less than 59 days prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 10% of the total booked amount.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the total booked amount.
  • If you cancel 14 days prior to arrival date, they will charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the total booked amount.
  • A no show is a fee of 100% of the total booked amount.

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Leinesfjord, Norway

Manshausen Island, 8283 Leinesfjord

8283 Leinesfjord


  • Nature
  • Design


  • Business
  • Leisure
  • Honeymoon


  • Library
  • Car park
  • Meeting facilities
  • Breakfast room
  • Wifi
  • Salt water pool
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Beach
  • Scuba diving
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Boat tours


Checkin : 3:00 pm
Checkout : 10:00 am